Paediatric oculofacial reconstruction following dog attack

Sohaib R Rufai, Divya Subramanyam


Paediatric dog bite injuries are a serious medical and public health issue posing functional, aesthetic and psychosocial consequences. We present a case of a severe paediatric dog bite injury, describing the management and exploring prevention strategies. A 9-year-old boy presented with full thickness tears of his right upper and lower eyelid margins, involving the upper lacrimal canal and causing a complete ptosis, as well as puncture of the upper eyelid and five lacerations of the face, following an attack by a neighbour’s dog. The surgical outcome was good with returning function of the eyelids and an acceptable aesthetic appearance of the eyelids and face. This case study highlights the necessary steps required for assessment and successful management of eyelid and facial trauma secondary to dog bite. Paediatric dog attacks are deemed a preventable public health issue, wit prevention strategies including public education and increased training of dogs and their owners.

Keywords: oculofacial, oculoplastics, face and lid reconstruction, dog bite