Ocular Trauma and Traditional Healers in Nepal

Edward Saxby


Nepal, a country nestled between India and China and dominated by the Himalayas, faces an intense burden of eye disease. Almost 20 percent of the population is affected by one or more ocular disorders. I was fortunate to undertake an internship at the Himalayan Eye Hospital (HEH) in Pokhara. The HEH is a non-governmental organisation that services Pokhara and the mountainous region surrounding the city. During the placement, it became apparent many patients were presenting with loss of sight due to an ocular trauma injury which occurred years earlier. The commonest modes of ocular trauma were found to be road traffic accidents, physical assault and hammering with stones or nails. The aim of this project was to find out about the epidemiology of ocular trauma and the factors which led to delayed treatment.

Keywords: ocular trauma, traditional healers, treatment