About the Journal

The British Undergraduate Journal of Ophthalmology is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal directed at medical students and junior doctors focusing on ophthalmology.  It is the official journal of the British Undergraduate Ophthalmology Society, published in the United Kingdom.  BUJO will be published biannually online.

Our aim is to provide a less daunting platform for students and junior doctors to gain confidence in publishing referenced articles in ophthalmology, whilst gaining experience of the publication process used in peer-reviewed journals.  We also hope this publication will interest the non-specialist.


The journal welcomes the submission of original, previously unpublished manuscripts under the following subsections:

  • Education - consisting 'snapshots' of a particular aspect of common conditions, 'eye openers' of rarer conditions, articles on basic principles (detailed anatomy, physiology & pharmacology) and how to...[skills] articles. This aims to be written at a slightly higher level than for the final year medical student, including more detailed and specialised articles that an aspiring ophthalmologist or non-specialist will find interesting. 
  • Case reports - This section contains cases of patients with a discussion at the end, incorporating literature.  The conditions  and diseases do not have to be unusual or uncommon; however there must be a solid learning point highlighted.  This subsection gives a great opportunity to learn ophthalmology from a clinical perspective.  
  • Research - The section will also include any clinical audits or research projects conducted at at your eye department.  It can also include a review of a high-profile publications in ophthalmology in the past year e.g. CATT trial, and what it means for clinical practice. 
  • Electives & Careers - contributions of elective reports & reflections and advice on applying for specialist training in ophthalmology. It is anticipated that contact details of host supervisors/institutions would be made available in an online database to help other students plan their electives.
  • Views & Reviews - personal accounts, patient perspectives of disease, reflections on clinical and public health challenges in ophthalmology. It will aim to answer questions like: What is it like to live with cataracts? How can we raise awareness of lesser known ocular risk factors e.g. smoking, hypertension, cholesterol? What is the main stumbling block in reducing worldwide blindness - manpower or resources? How can this be changed?
  • Conference Poster Abstracts - accepted abstracts from the society's Annual Ophthalmology Conference will be published.

 However, if you have a paper that does not fit into one of these catergories, we would be happy to consider the manuscript as long as it adheres to the basic author guidelines.