Editorial Process

There is no guarantee a submitted paper will be published.  Once submitted, if the paper is deemed suitable for the journal and it is in keeping with the scope and aims of the journal, it is reviewed by the relevant section editor who performs an initial evaluation of the quality and novelty of the manuscript.  They will ensure the manuscipt has been prepared in accordance to our Author Guidlines. The most common reason for rejection is poor preparation of the manuscript by not adhering to the formatting, language and referencing stipulations.

If the manuscript meets our standards, it is sent to expert external peer-reviewers. Otherwise the manuscript is rejected and the authors are informed. Once a manuscript has been appraised by the expert, using their comments and their own expertise, section editors decide whether to reject the manuscript or send it back to the authors for minor or major revision. It is vital that you make the recommended admendments and return the manuscript to the editor within the deadline. Once considered apt for publication, the manuscript is reviewed by the Editor-in-Cheif and Deputy Editor for final approval or rejection. Once we accept your paper, you can not submit it elsewhere for publication.  We will inform you when the paper is likely to be published.